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    Jenny Q. Ta is a veteran of Wall Street, self-made millionaire, and seasoned entrepreneur with two highly successful early ventures to her credit. As Founder and CEO of Titan Securities, a full-service broker-dealer and investment banking firm, Ms. Ta built a company that was profitable enough to be acquired in 2005. Prior to that venture, Jenny had filled the role of Founder, CEO, and driving force behind Vantage Investments, another full-service broker-dealer and investment banking firm that she started while still in her twenties and quickly grew to a-third-of-a-billion dollars in assets.


    Ms. Ta’s more recent entrepreneurial endeavors include masterminding two modern tech companies: VCNetwork.co, a virtual “E-Harmony meets Shark Tank” matching entrepreneurs with VCs, and CoinLinked.com, a recently announced and currently pending rebranding of her first-of-its kind “social networthing” platform, Sqeeqee.com. These latest two ventures are solidly founded upon Jenny’s rich business background, which includes extensive firsthand experience in senior executive management, sales, marketing, and finance, with forays into the FinTech industry, exploring the opportunities that cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other distributed ledger technologies create.


    Jenny is also a published author, whose book, Wall Street Cinderella, details her escape from Vietnam during the war and her path to success from welfare to Wall Street. The book serves as a helpful road map for women who are determined to pursue a successful career in business. Ms. Ta’s educational background includes a Master of Business Administration degree in Financial Management. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from CSU, Fresno.

  • Speaking sectors/topics


    Leaders, Founders, Empowerment, Politics and Global Issues

    Wall Street

    Analysis, Forecasting, Global Finance and Micro/Macro Economies


    Angels, Accredited and VCs


    Startups, Mentoring and Corps/LLCs


    Asia-Pacific growth and ventures


    Two decades of Personal Inspirational Experiences


    Analysis, Forecasting

  • Previous speaking events

    SXSW Crypto Summit by New Girls On The Block, Austin, TX

    Crypto Invest Summit (CIS) at LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

    Blockchain Crypto & Beyond by CONNECTPreneur, Marymount University, Washington D.C.

    Blockchain Seattle Conference, Seattle, WA

    Eureka Fest (2017, 2018), Irvine, CA

    UC Irvine Lunch and Learn for Experts-in-Residence, Irvine, CA

    Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Silicon Valley, CA

    IDByte Conference: The Digital Industry, Jakarta, Indonesia

    ANJE's 30th Anniversary in Porto, Portugal

    Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016, Stanford, CA

    Techweek LA, Los Angeles, CA

    Wonder Women in Tech at Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA

    Numerous Fire-chats at Expert DOJO, Santa Monica, CA

    Keynote BPSOS' 35th Anniversary, Washington D.C.

    Keynote VACOC's 30th Anniversary, Orange County, CA

    Cyber Security Conference at Harvard University

  • "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."


    Sally Berger

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